The horse, a female pet

The title of the debate "The horse, animal on the right or on the left?", Organized by the Paris Horse Show - which ended on Sunday, December 13 - left waiting for an agreed answer: yes, the horse is connoted to the right , given its cost and the aristocratic values it conveys, but it is becoming more democratic ...

Nothing of the sort ! A areopagus of enthusiasts assured that the horse, although it was, for centuries, an "animal of power and domination", is no longer, today, "a political animal", to use the title of a recent work by the writer Jean-Louis Gouraud, which animated the discussion.Instrument of war and victory, prerogative of the leader, the horse "lost all symbolic charge", at the same time as it became "the third favorite animal of the French behind dogs and cats" ...and the favorite of little girls.

"Horse riding has become a sport for chicks!", Threw Jean-Pierre Digard, emeritus research director at the CNRS.In 2009, the French Equestrian Federation had 80% of riders, out of 650,437 licensees."A boy who wants to ride a horse is now regarded as it used to be when he wanted to do classical dance, "according to Mr Digard.

Girls' enthusiasm for the horse has not, however, translated into a feminization of high-level competition, which remains a male stronghold.Riding as it is now practiced, especially in small clubs, would, in fact, be an "education in compassion", in "solicitude", which would contribute to the "reinforcement of gender stereotypes", assured Catherine Tourre-Malen, rider, riding instructor and lecturer at the university Paris-XII (Val-de-Marne).

Posted Date: 2020-09-18

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